The New Yorker

"#Vanlife" - on a life that became a lifestyle brand
one of the New Yorker's most-read stories in 2017

"Something in the Air" - on essential oils as a cure for our age of anxiety

"The Perfect Man Who Wasn't" - on a romance scammer and the women who banded together to help take him down

“The FBI of the National Park Service” - on a suspicious accident in the Rockies and the small group of special agents tasked with handling major crimes committed in national parks

"Murder in the Texas Desert" - on a murder in a Texas ghost town

The Atlantic



"The Delay" - on the abduction of a Navajo girl and issues with Amber Alerts on reservations



"Outside the Manson Pinkberry" - on murder fandom and sad teens
selected as one of the year's best essays by Longform; appears in Best American Travel Writing 2018

"Tell Me What to Do" - on homesteading pioneers Scott & Helen Nearing

The Believer




"From Pickup Artist to Pariah" - on an Asheville man's secret life as a pick-up artist
selected as one of the year's best by the Atlantic

"Sexual Assault in the Amazon" - on ayahuasca, tourism, money, and power

"After 19 Books and a Presidential Bid, Eileen Myles Gets Her Due" - an interview with the poet/rabblerouser Eileen Myles

"How Does a White Nationalist See America Today?" - a depressingly relevant interview, 13 months before the election

New York








"Gone Baby Gone" - on a new breed of real estate investor destroying America's cities

"Shop Til You Drop" - on the corporate commodification of prepper culture

"Texas Doesn't Want Trump's Wall, Either" - on eminent domain and border wall obstacles

The New Republic





"My Backseat View of a Great Romance" - a Modern Love column on a Moroccan taxi cab romance
featured on the Modern Love podcast

“Now Damien Echols Will Teach You the Secrets of Magick” - after nearly 20 years on death row, a member of the West Memphis Three reinvents himself

"A Taste for Craft Beer in Rural Texas" - on the most remote brewery in America

"An Opera Comes to El Paso by Way of Bhutan" - on an unlikely theatrical collaboration

"Festival Showcases a Lifestyle Lost by Closing a Border" - on a fiesta protesta along the US/Mexico border

"Tours Take Border Guide Back to an Earlier Life" - on Mimi Webb Miller's drug lord romance and its aftermath


The New York Times







"Letter of Recommendation: The 'Death in...' Books" - on morbidly sublime stories about death in national parks

The New York Times Magazine


"Have You Ever Thought About Killing Someone" - on a murder in Big Bend National Park
selected as one of the year's best by LongreadsJezebel, Enchantress, & Autostraddle; nominated for a Livingston Award. you can also read an annotated version of this story via Nieman Storyboard.






"Meet the Internet Hoax Buster" - on cancer fakers and the internet detectives who track them down

"How Rich Hippies and Developers Went to War Over Instagram's Favorite Beach" - on land disputes in Tulum

"How George RR Martin is Helping Stem Santa Fe's Youth Exodus" - on the Game of Thrones author's partnership with the  art collective Meow Wolf

The Guardian





"Crossed Stitches" - on quilt drama in small-town Texas

"Prime Opportunity" - on a trans kid from Marfa who got a job in Hollywood

"A High-School Shooting Shakes Alpine" - on a tragedy in a small town

"A Pipeline in the Sand" - on fighting back against the oil and gas industry in West Texas

"Don't Drone on Me" - on grassroots anti-drone activism in Alpine, Texas

Texas Monthly







"Fire Behavior" - on the aftermath of the West, TX fertilizer plant explosion
selected as one of the year's best by Longform & the Atlantic

"Monkeywrench" - on activists, musicals, and Florida

"That Drifting Place" - on Roy Orbison's glasses

The Oxford American






"Killer Crush" - on the horror of teen girl crushes, from Columbiners to Beliebers

"Drive Not Ride" - on motorcycles and heartbreak

"Apocalypse Tourism" - on deserts, tourists, and end-of-the-world feelings

"All My Friends Are in My Head" - on tulpas, Reddit, and imaginary friends

"House Ghosts" - on AIDS, gentrification, and haunted houses

"The Only Way Left to Be Radical in America" - on the awesomeness of old ladies

"Fire Bugs" - on firefighters who set things on fire

The Awl










"Keeping Up with Jones" - a review of Jeff Guinn's biography of Jim Jones

"Blood Relations" - a review of Emma Cline's Chales Manson-inspired novel The Girls




"Evil Genius" - on a controversial attempt to quantify evil

Pacific Standard

"The Fault" - on Gary Gilmore, Norman Mailer, and astrology



"Let It Burn?" - on a controversial wildfire in Yellowstone

"More Guests, Empty Houses" - on share economy gentrification in Marfa, Texas




"The Cat Psychic" - on animal communication and the problem of separate minds

"We Can Only Do Our Poetry Because We Are Also Fighting Back" - an interview with China Miéville

"You Cannot Walk Out of Loss, But You Can Walk Into Beauty" - an interview with Anna Badkhen






"Memory Wound" - on Anders Brevik and the massacre on Utoya
One of LARB's most read stories of the year

"Common Ground" - a review of Brenda Stevenson's The Contested Murder of Latasha Harlins
picked for Electric Literature's Critical Hit Award by Emily St. John Mandel

"Death Stories" - a review of Deborah Halber's The Skeleton Crew: How Amateur Sleuths Are Solving America's Coldest Cases

"The Sprit Is Willing" - a review of Colin Dickey's Ghostland

The Los Angeles Review of Books








"A Story About Discovery" - on detransition

The Outline

"Fire School" - on heroes, emergencies, and 10-foot flames

The Rumpus

Tin House


"Working in a Moneyless World" - on Twin Oaks, a Virginia commune




"What it's Like to Play Tinder in Rural America" - on dating apps and small towns

"Hiss and Slither" - on a rattlesnake roundup in Sweetwater, Texas

"Betraying Gideon in Alpine, Texas" - on the federal public defender crisis along the US/Mexico border

"An Unlikely Alliance" - on ranchers and environmentalists banding together to fight a proposed pipeline

Al Jazeera America





"The Life of a Smokejumper" - on firefighters who jump out of planes

Bleacher Report


The Slice


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